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High quality logo + brand identity design is priceless for your business. A high-quality logo and consistent brand identity is crucial to portraying a professional image to your clients. A good logo accurately reflects the business image, is visually appealing and beautifully crafted so a well-designed logo + brand identity is a must have for every business.

Logo + Brand Identity is a great opportunity for you and your business to make a first impression.  Potential customers will judge a business in just a few seconds based on visual appeal alone, so your logo + brand identity, website or email signature are vital to the impression your business makes. High-quality logo + brand identity and all other graphic design gives a businesses credibility— the best investment your business can make. Your business may have a  great  product or service, but unfortunately poor design will deter potential clients from sticking around the company’s website or keep its email long enough to find out.

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What is the logo + brand identity design process?
  • Quotation.
  • 50% deposit.
  • Brand questionnaire
  • We design 2 options
  • 2 minor revisions design.
  • Final Draft
  • Balance of payment
  • READY TO PRINT files.
  • Mini Style Guide
What are the components of a logo?

A logo can be made up of

  • an icon
  • plus custom lettering/a well-designed font
  • or it can just be custom lettering/a well-designed font

Yours Truly Design expertise is to professionally craft a logo that is fitting for your business, timeless and works across all platforms (from billboards to mobiles). Our design expertise is to know a high quality icon and lettering/font from a poorly designed one. We  design the correct combinations of logo icon, lettering and other style factors that are appropriate for your particular business

What can I expect to pay for a logo design
Each business and each logo is unique and various factors influence the cost of a logo design. Please contact us for a custom quote. Our prices are market related but because we are a small studio we can offer professional design at a fraction of the cost that a large design agency does.


Natasha has assisted me with various design concepts, and I’ve been pleased with the results achieved. One such project was a great success, which was the development of a new Logo + Brand Identity.

Rob Baird,Director, PR Lab